Corporate consulting

Swiss Consulting Partners is one of the most dynamical companies in corporate consulting, that links professional knowledge and experience of the best experts in finance and investments, strategic and management consulting, audit and legal support.

Swiss Consulting Partners works with many companies worldwide and helps them:
  • to develop success strategies and to involve investments
  • to raise efficiency and to implement ERP systems
  • to re-organise business and to optimize organisational structures
  • to conduct the effective accounting policy and to cut down expenses

We always find solutions basing on professionalism of our advisers, on Swiss traditions of accuracy and reliability, innovative approach and confidentiality.

Our services:
  • Audit and accounting services
  • Financial consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Tax and legal consulting
  • Public sector consulting
  • Research and trainings

Swiss Consulting Partners is the leading expert and your reliable corporate adviser:
  • We apply a comprehensive approach to our Clients` solutions
  • We carry responsibility for our projects while applying a strict Swiss quality control system
  • We engage only the best experts and the leading organisations for our projects
  • We enhance innovative approach to projects and business solutions
  • We use a reasonable and flexible price to cost correlation